The art in dentistry involves mimicking the beauty of natural teeth. The science in dentistry is making this dental work function with the rest of the oral complex and to pass the test of time. An important first step in creating a smile is understanding our patient’s goal and mental self-image of their desired smile. Then we can utilize our skill, knowledge and experience to realize their dreams. Dr. Hambly’s passion is the study and pursuit of excellence in cosmetic dentistry. The following cases are a sample of actual cases completed by Dr. Hambly. Call today to set up your consultation to begin your smile transformation!

Patient’s Concern: Hates smile and old crowns, chronically bleeding gums.

Solution: 4 natural Crowns, Laser Gum Surgery. What a relief!


Patient’s Concern: Broken front teeth.

Solution: Bonding of 2 Maxillary Incisors.  Quick Fix.


Patient’s Concern: Wants spacing filled in and square shaped teeth.

Solution: Bonding of 8 Maxillary Teeth.



Patient’s Concern: Lost and broken teeth in hockey accident. Wants natural look.   Solution: 6-Unit Mandibular Bridge with simulated minor crowding.


Patient’s Concern: Broken and painful front teeth.   Solution: 2 implant and 4 crowns. What a transformation in confidence and no more pain!


Patient’s Concern: I don’t like my dark front tooth.

Solution: Whitening, 1 Crown and 1 Veneer! Bright White!


Patient’s Concern: Hates space and ground down teeth.

Solution: Gum surgery and 6 crowns.


Patient’s Concern: Really short bottom front teeth with angled bite.

Solution: 6 crowns to make them look new again!


Patient’s Concern: My gums are large, red, sore and bleed a lot.

Solution: Laser recontouring. Nice gums!


Patient’s Concern: I am a model and I hate my smile.  The teeth are too yellow and the front teeth are on an angle and has a smeared filling on the front tooth.  Solution: Zoom Whitening and 4 veneers! Ready for the runway!


Patient’s Concern: My dentist doesn’t do implants and I need an implant crown and a new crown on the other front tooth. I had a motor bike accident.

Solution: 1 implant crown and 1 regular go!



Dr. Stephen is a member of


> The Hamilton Academy of Dentistry

> The Toronto Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

> The Ontario Dental Association

> The Academy of General Dentistry

> In 2013, Dr. Hambly received the prestigious Fellowship Award from the Academy of General Dentistry.  Only 6% of dentists in North America have achieved this award.

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